Link Up

What’s good about Muirhouse?

That’s the starting point for this programme which has been running since 2012…
The programme wants to help people to get to know other Muirhouse folk and in so doing, helping people have a stronger network of people around them.
Here’s how it works:

* We identify what’s good about the Muirhouse (for example local people’s skills, knowledge, interests as well as community organisations and buildings).
* We use this information to set-up a project that brings people together around a specific activity or area of interest. The hope is that the group will sustain this activity without much on-going funding and support from workers.
* By taking part and having fun, people get to know and trust each other. When people get to know and trust each other, new relationships and stronger community bonds are made.
Simple isn’t it? Well yes, but to help things along we need local residents and community organisations to tell us what’s good about the Muirhouse and to help set-up and support the five projects. Examples of the types of projects that could be formed are cookery groups, creative arts-based activities, environmental projects, sports activities, a film group, a music group, just meeting up for a chat group, a choir, a dance group, a social history project – the list is endless.

The Inspiring Muirhouse programme is hosted by Muirhouse Youth Development Group with the support of Inspiring Scotland and other local organisations. Julie Crawford (Link Up worker) will be meeting local groups to hear their views and see what ideas people want to take forward. There are some good ideas for projects already, but we need to hear more from local people in order to develop projects that will make the Muirhouse a stronger and better place to live.

If you would like to know more contact:
Julie Crawford 0131 315 6405

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