Meet the Staff




 Dean Shanks works full time at MYDG as development manager.  He likes to play football  and loves to follow the Scotland team where ever they go.

Special talent: coming up with really good strap-lines!






Julie Crawford  Link Up Development Worker

Julie is the Link Up development worker supported by Inspiring Scotland. She enjoys taking her dog long walks, she has a young boy who keeps her very active, and she (strangely) enjoys  spending time with her family!!

Special talent: talking until the cows come home and bending her thumb back to her wrist!!




Joanne Stewart


Joanne works 18 hours for MYDG as Operational Manager and 18 hours at Link Up.  She enjoys climbing and spending time with her 2 wee boys. She loves arty stuff and having a good gab with her friends.

Special talent: She can hoot like an owl…t-wit t-woo








Ali Grant is the Curriculum activities development worker.  Ali loves rowing and is the only female rowing instructor of her level in Scotland.  She likes to build boats and spends her free time in the Western Isles!

Special talent: being able to ask really good questions!






katie tuff

Katie is a Youth Development Worker and she looks after the weekend hubs run from PYCP.  She likes to cycle and run and go to the cinema with her friends in her spare time.  Say hi if you see her out and about on her bike!

Special talent: spinning a basketball on her finger and being able to stay positive in any situation!










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